Photo Credit: AcrylicArtist http://mrg.bz/30fe1e

At this point, I am watching lots of videos and reading lots of blogs. I’m attempting to learn what I can about being a parent and teacher at the same time.

I’ve ordered our curriculum and our books and I’ve started converting our Family Room into a classroom.

It all seems so unreal. I have a long to-do list yet. I need to start researching flights and trip-costs for any in-US trips we want to make. I have to figure out which regions to visit when so that we don’t visit Mt. Rushmore when it’s -27 outside. Neither we, nor our RV, will tolerate that very well. I also don’t want to visit the Grand Canyon during one of those 100+ degree days. I also need to get passport applications submitted, research which vaccines (if any) are needed and when they need to be completed. I need to make sure the friends we want to visit internationally will actually be home when we visit. Lots and lots to do.

My husband keeps teasing me that I’ll have everything all done and ready to go by March, but he doesn’t realize how much there is still left to do. I don’t want it stacking up and having to juggle school & travel deadlines simultaneously. I am a cranky lady when it all hits at once, I have to use my organizing skills to keep my future-self sane. We’ll all be happier for it.