Photo Credit: matiasromero http://mrg.bz/5bd8c8

I thought I was doing fairly well with working ahead and the next thing I knew, there were only 7 weeks until our first week of homeschooling. If that doesn’t put the fear of chaos into you, I don’t know what would, it did me.

I’m taking a few nights this week to get the first month of lessons planned per subject so that we know what to tackle week-to-week for at least a month. Then I’ll set the next month up as we get toward the end of month one (and so on). I’ve read this is a smart way to plan since it allows a solid chunk of planned materials and also room to be flexible and rework things as needed. You know, in case someone comes down with the plague or a fierce case of procrastination.

I spent today setting up a page full of links for our kids to use when they’re hunting down online (mom-approved) resources for their work. And if you happen to need those links, you are welcome to them. I’m also setting up a page with locations we’re hoping to visit and how we plan to do it.

I’ll probably post another update in the next month before we officially start, that is, if my head hasn’t fallen off and I’m not running around the house flapping my wings in a tizzy.