Without Further Ado, Canada, Here We Come!

The mail and paper service was on-hold, our RV was packed, and we were on our way. Later than expected, which tends to be our family norm, but we were on our way. In the early evening of July 7, 2017, we set out on our first family expedition in this year of travel that lies ahead.

Ambassador Bridge

Around midnight we were nearing the U.S. border into Canada (Ambassador Bridge) and were greeted by a fireworks finale and the traffic that follows. Gratefully, we were just slipping through a portion of that traffic and soon were at pace before the border checkpoint. I made a mental note to check for events along our points of travel in the future. (This becomes a theme.)

The border crossing was rather straightforward. First time in Canada? Where are you headed? Are you bringing any fireworks or weapons? The only slight inconvenience was having to wake the children so customs/border patrol could verify the children in our vehicle were the children presented on the passports. Pretty standard stuff. The only disappointment was a lack of a stamp in my children’s passports to mark their first trip to another country. (This becomes a theme too, thanks to the electronic tracking of movements and the redundancy created by the stamps.)

When asked where we were headed, we mentioned several things including going to Prince Edward Island to pay homage to the literary sites made famous by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The customs officer stared at us blankly. My husband shrugged his shoulders in that manly “I know, right?” way. The officer queried further, “you’re going to PEI because of a book?” I nodded enthusiastically. He shrugged like my middle schooler. I think at this point he decided we were both a non-threat and maybe a bit dim.

Moments later, I was trying to snap a photo of the bridge as we drove over it.

We settled for the night around Chatham-Kent. First new thing for me? The exits were all marked “On Route” and I liked that better than “exit”. It felt a bit more like enjoying the journey instead of just wishing you were at the end.

The only trouble this night was a bit of excessive snoring and a pesky mosquito. Small stuff.