Toronto, we’ll be CN you soon!


The afternoon we arrived in Toronto. We had two things on our minds. The CN Tower and the Nutella Café. There aren’t many Nutella Cafés in the world and our family always buys the big jar when we’re at home and made sure it was part of our travel pantry, so, for the kids and myself- it was a must.

The CN Tower feels overpriced for what you get ($36 adult/$26 child), but it’s a “must” if you’re visiting Toronto. There are more options for visitors now than there were a decade or so ago when I last visited. You can even pay the big bucks ($225) and do the Edge Walk where they hitch you up to rigging and you walk around the outside of the tower. I would have done it except for the price.

While in Toronto, we also explored the Toronto Railway Museum (we just nosed around the exterior stuff), which was pretty cool, and the free zoo at High Park. The free zoo feels like a free zoo but it’s still pretty cool in light of how long it’s been around. And we saw some (a Princess Bride reference- Rodent Of Unusual Size, these were Capybaras).

We managed to park the RV by backing-in to a space at High Park. If you have a similarly-sized RV (27’) you’ll be okay, but it was tight for us. So, RV-driver beware.

After our supper in High Park (we cooked in the RV), we headed out for our next destination.

Toronto CN Tower, Glass Floor

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Djr~ “It surprised me that the CN Tower was a big lightning rod. I am curious if it could survive a tornado.”

D~ “One thing that I learned was that they poured cement 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 40 weeks, to build the tower.”

A~ “I learned you can jump off the CN Tower.”