Where Anne Shirley lives

“It’s very Adirondack pretty here so far. Big pines, rolling hills, and lots of signs warning us of moose crossing.” – from my journal on our approach to Prince Edward Island.

We drove pretty nearly straight-through from Quebec City through the province of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. By the time we made it to Confederation Bridge which connects NB and PEI, the kids were wiggly and grumpy. Travel was getting to me, too. I was ready to pack it all in and take a flight home. I wanted my bed. I wanted to be alone. It’s hard to travel in a group (even with those you love most in the world) and to be in crowds off and on every day, as an introvert. I was missing my recharge time. This is all to say, thank goodness PEI lived up to its hype.

We popped into the visitor center after we arrived and then headed straight for Marco Polo Land, the campground we would stay at for two nights. My kids LOVED this place. They had a lot of fun things for kids to do and it gave us a chance to get our clothes washed and to clean the RV (sorely needed at that point). I even caught up on emails and messages (after midnight) because there’s excellent wifi at the camp (if you can get on when the teens aren’t using up the bandwidth). It felt like a break in the middle of the trip.

The next day we made our way over to Green Gables for a tour of the house from the famed book. I loved it. It looked so much like what I’d imagined it would. It felt like walking into a page from my childhood (adolescence, to be more specific). We walked through Lover’s Lane and the Haunted Woods. Then we toured around the Macneill Homestead and LM Montgomery’s grandparent’s home/post office (where she was raised) and then over to the cemetery where she’s buried.

We drove over to Prince Edward Island National Park and it was straight out of a storybook. (Click on the photos section on that website, you’ll be glad you did. Gorgeous stuff.) There were cliff-like dunes and sandy beaches. The sand and rocks are red sandstone and very red due to the iron in them and in no time, my children were building in the sand. We picnicked in the parking lot and then drove over to LM Montgomery’s birthplace and then over to the Anne of Green Gables Museum * at Silver Bush, which in Maud’s own words- was her favorite place on earth. It was easy to see why. It overlooked the Lake of Shining Waters. Seeing my own children running around the yard that’s visible from a window that LM Montgomery stared out… I don’t know, it felt full circle for me and I was besotted with the place.

*this is the spot to pick up the Matthew’s Carriage Ride if you do that

After touring Silver Bush, my children begged to go back to PEI National Park, so we drove back over.  They played and played. One of our girls grew tired of the beach and needed a little respite from the crowd, so I walked with her back to the RV. We played some games while the others enjoyed the beach. The only real blemish on this part of the trip was the jellyfish that stung my other daughter.

That evening we ate at Chez Yvonne’s which was a treat after a full day. My children found plenty of things they wanted to eat. My husband finally got his fill of fresh seafood. I enjoyed my steak, too. They won bonus points with Djr because they had Strawberry Pie, but the others were not sad about their cheesecake. 

We went back to the camp that night and we enjoyed some hot showers and a little more R&R.

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Djr~ “I really liked the bubbly river [babbling brook] where you find a milk bottle in a creek and also the sound was nice…the strawberry pie was also delightful.” (babbling brook is in the Haunted Woods at the Green Gables Heritage Place)

D~ (after about 3 references to the Jumping Pillow at the campground) “My favorite part of the day was the ocean beach. Talk about a lot of rocks! Ever heard of Giant’s Causeway? I made a version of it. The water was not that cold!”

A~ “My favorite part was the Jumping Pillow but I can’t wait for Anne of Green Gables Stuff.” (She decided that she was really an Anne and I made a pretty good Diana for her. I can’t quite convince her otherwise.)