The Other Hamilton. Hamilton, Ontario.

One thing we want our children to experience, over this next year, is a diversity of churches within our own denomination (Mennonite) and that of other denominations and faiths. Both my husband and I have had the chance to do this and feel it helps both pop the bubble that we get trapped in when we only experience what we know, and it helps us understand how much people of faith have in common. Practically, I’m not sure how often we’ll get to do this along the way, but we had our first chance just a few days into our first adventure.

With an invitation from my friend Alissa Bender, the pastor at Hamilton Mennonite Church, we attended a service there. I am very glad we did. That morning a member of their congregation shared about a journey she’d recently taken, a Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights. It was thoughtful and heartfelt and I deeply appreciated it. It also seemed fitting that so much of the morning focused on journeys since we were at the beginning of our own. They fed us well and offered us tips and hints for our trip and then we were off again.

If you click on the link about the Pilgrimage, there is a 30-minute documentary worth watching.