The following is a list of places we’d like to visit during our travels during this set of adventures. The world is a very big place and we can’t possibly visit everything. Please note, we have not yet decided when we’ll visit these or in what order. That’s still to be determined. Our trips will be guided somewhat by our Social Studies curriculum which will cover some social justice issues as well as geography and history.

US Travel

Region 1

Mt. Ranier, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn, Devil’s Tower

Region 2

Redwood National Park, Crater Lake, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco

Region 3

Lake Mead, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde, Phoenix, Tucson, Navajo Tribal Park

Region 4

Atlanta, Trail of Tears/Death (MO), Memphis, Birmingham, Mammoth Caves

Region 5

Niagara Falls, Williamsburg (VA), Washington (DC), New York, Philadelphia, Jamestown (VA), Gettysburg, Boston/Plymouth

Global Travel (this will take place during the months of January & February)


Kenya (the school where our friends work/attend, Nairobi National Park, visit the Equator, and possibly a visit to some of the country with a friend who grew up there)

Egypt (Cairo, Nile River, Red Sea, Giza)


Greece (Athens)

Italy (Rome)

Montenegro (Podgorica, we have friends there)

Spain (Barcelona)

France (Paris)

England (London)

There are a few other places possible but they’re not certain yet.